Our Makena Doll™ is a realistic baby doll for young girls! Her name means “happy one”. Makena is from South Africa, one of the biggest countries in Africa. It was also home to the great freedom fighter and hero Nelson Mandela. This adorable black doll is perfect for your little one. Makena comes with two outfits both featuring South African prints.
● Denim jumpsuit with yellow trim
● Pink floral dress

The Makena Doll™ has a huggable polyester body, and comes with your choice in hair color
● Makena Doll with double buns
● Makena Doll with a single bun
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Steps to care for your doll’s beautiful hair

• Once braids are removed use a misting bottle to wet hair lightly before combing
• Comb hair gently with a doll brush or wide tooth comb

• Put ¼ teaspoon of hair shampoo into a small bowl
• Steep wig into shampoo water and bring out immediately. Shake gently.

• Repeat steeping and shaking 2 more times
• Rinse in clean cool water with steeping and shaking just once.
• Do not squeeze or wring
• Lay flat to dry naturally
• Do not apply heat of any kind
• When dry, spray on any good hair moisture lotion and comb very gently with wide tooth comb.


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