Meet Izeh Doll™, she is from one of the oldest Kingdom in the world – the Benin kingdom of Nigeria. Her full name is Izehiese which means “child of destiny!” Izeh is the perfect companion for your little girl. She’s confident, fun and comes with a signature Ankara jumpsuit. The Izeh doll features black box braids which are perfect for your daughter or niece to practice her braiding skills!

The 18” Izeh  Doll™ has a huggable polyester body, and includes a certificate of authenticity with your purchase.
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Steps to care for your doll’s beautiful hair

• Once braids are removed use a misting bottle to wet hair lightly before combing
• Comb hair gently with a doll brush or wide tooth comb

• Put ¼ teaspoon of hair shampoo into a small bowl
• Steep wig into shampoo water and bring out immediately. Shake gently.

• Repeat steeping and shaking 2 more times
• Rinse in clean cool water with steeping and shaking just once.
• Do not squeeze or wring
• Lay flat to dry naturally
• Do not apply heat of any kind
• When dry, spray on any good hair moisture lotion and comb very gently with wide tooth comb.


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